I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Me and my wacom are best pals. Sometimes.


The most noteworthy 3D-production I've been a part of is the
"Deep Ocean Experience" at Filmic Art, which is a visually enhanced 3D-documentary about the creatures that inhabits the depths of our oceans.

My part was mainly mudbox sculpting and painting, but also some modelling and animation.

Web Design

I have been doing quite a lot work for the web lately, which is lucky because i adore internet! My skills are currently limited to xhtml/css, but I have recently introduced myself to php. I made my first personal homepage 1997. It was mainly about the popular RPG-Game "Final Fantasy VII". Here are some of my clients:

Virtual Worlds

I am a virtual content creator and land manager in Second Life, where I have built a futuristic world which I call Neo Machina. It is one of my biggest private projects which requires many areas of work, such as modelling, texturing and scripting. Other players can enjoy the city by renting apartments, go shopping or simply just explore. If you have a Second Life client, you can visit the city here.


I also like creating games.
Here are my first completed games available for download. Unzip to their own directories. Will hopefully run on WinXP or later, DirectX 9.0. These did not hit big unfortunately!

H4XX0R (zip 4.40mb)

H4xx0R the Game

You are H4XX0R, a hero of binary numbers! The internets has been plagued by virus lately, and the government has hired YOU to get rid of them! A simple survival game.

Unicorn Quest (zip 2.40mb)

Unicorn Quest the Game

You play as a proud mythical creature, the Unicorn, in a battle against the modern world; Its literacy, knowledge and evidence-based science. All the ingredients that threathens the very existence of all supernatural beings. So burn the books, scientific research and scientists along with them, with your magical crystal beam! A simple shooter game.